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Do You Need ATV Insurance?

Do You Need ATV Insurance?

Do You Need ATV Insurance?

Homeowner's insurance. Car insurance. Life insurance. You probably feel like you have more insurance policies than you know what to do with. But ATV insurance? Do you really need this too? The answer, in a nutshell, is yes.

Your ATV is a vehicle that can be recreational and fun, or it can be a tool you use around your property. Either way, your ATV is an investment, just like your car and your home. It is also a motorized vehicle and even if you have taken rider safety classes and you think you’re a good rider, accidents can and do happen.

ATV insurance is a good idea if you plan to ride your vehicle on public or private property other than your own. Many states require that you carry this type of insurance. If you don't and you are caught riding on state-owned land, then you could get slapped with a hefty fine. It's a good idea to check the laws covering ATV use in the state you live in and with your current insurance provider. You might be covered under an existing umbrella insurance policy or you may have to get separate coverage for your ATV.

Speaking of your insurance provider, they are a great source of information regarding what is and is not required when it comes to insurance in your state. When you call them to discuss whether or not you should insure your ATV, make sure you have the answers to the following questions handy:

  • Is your ATV a three-wheel or four-wheel vehicle?
  • Is it solely for offroad riding or can you ride on pavement?
  • Is it made for passengers?
  • Is it a recreation vehicle, work vehicle or both?

  • By having the answers to these questions handy, your insurance provider will be able to tell you what kind of insurance you need if you are not covered under another policy.

    Another thing to consider is what type of coverage will be right for your ATV. It’s just like automobile insurance. Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage handles injuries to other people or property when your ATV causes it and you are at fault. Collision coverage covers damage when you crash into another ATV, vehicle or trail debris that you cannot avoid. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from anything other than a collision. Uninsured/ underinsured motorist protects you if something happens between you and another party and they don't have coverage.

    Phew! A lot to think about, isn't there? Find out what kind of coverage is required where you live and then contact your insurance provider to determine what you should do. Remember, you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting your investment.