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What’s in Your Go-Bag?

What’s in Your Go-Bag?

What’s in Your Go-Bag?

It’s a perfect day for a trail ride. Your ATV is all tuned up and ready to go. You’ve got your trail all picked out. There is nothing better than the sun, fresh air and the feel of your ATV as you navigate through nature…

…Until something happens and you find yourself on the side of the trail, broken down and without the means to fix the problem. From flat tires to ruined CV belts, it pays to be ready for anything. With the right tools on the back of your ATV, you can fix about 90% of the problems you may have on the trail well enough to get you back to your camp or your truck.

Other than extra cash, your credit card and a charged cellphone, there are some basic things you should always have with you to make repairs. Your go-bag of essential items and tools will prepare you for whatever the trail throws at you. The better you are at repairs on the fly, the less you’ll worry about trouble on the trail.


Common trail concerns

The most common problem most people run into on the trail is tire failure. Whether you have a slow leak or slice up a tire, you need to repair it quickly to get back on the trail. One of the most important items you need to have in your go-bag is a Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit and Tire Sealant, which can be added when you detect a leak, or before you hit the trail and comes with a Flat Free guarantee. Most flats on the trail can be easily repaired with a patch or plug, at least well enough to get you moving again. A Portable Mini Air Compressor is great to have along if your repair kit doesn’t come with compressed air. Plus, it’s handy to blow up the air mattress back at camp.

Mechanical problems are usually the next biggest concern when it comes to repairing your ATV on the trail. A long day in the woods away from home could become a disaster if your Drive Belt should happen to break. It’s a good idea to keep an extra belt and the tools to change it in your go-bag. Make sure you brush up on how to change the belt prior to going offroad.

Snapping a Wheel Shaft is also a problem and, while fixable on the side of the trails, it’s no fun if you aren’t prepared for it. The same goes for CV Boots. It can be replaced quickly on the side of the trail or in camp with the CV Boot Rapid Repair Kit, giving you peace of mind while you’re having a good time.

You never know when some Tow Straps or a Winch Accessory Kit will come in handy. Who knows? You may need to pull yourself or a friend out of a sticky situation. You may need to pull a tree off the trail. There are a wide range of uses for both of these items and it’s better to have them in your kit and never need them but not have them.


Other handy items

How big should your go-bag be? That is entirely up to you and depends on what you feel you need to take with you on a ride. Whatever you choose, there is a variety of Luggage available that will accommodate anything from the smallest set of tools to a full kit with everything short of the kitchen sink.

Some other things we suggest for your go-bag are small but just as important. A good Work Light can make it easier to see when making repairs in the dark. A 17-Piece Tool Kit that includes various sized wrenches, pliers, a tire gauge and more ensures you have the right tools when you need them. A good Multi Tool with Sockets complements the tool kit and gives you even more options when looking for the right tool to make repairs, to fix items at camp or to open a beer. And because you never know if you need to tie something up, Cable Ties in assorted sizes are always a good thing to have.

Finally, a Jump Starter/Charger and Dual USB Power Adaptor keeps the power flowing. These will also keep your digital products charged and get your ATV, car or truck running if the battery fails.


Never get caught with your guard down out on the trail. With a go-bag, you'll be able to handle whatever is thrown your way without sacrificing the enjoyment of the day.