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Got Land? We’ve Got What You Need To Tame It!

Got Land? We’ve Got What You Need To Tame It!


It’s time to start maintaining your land and there is no better way than with tools designed to work with your ATV/UTV. From mowers to trailers, hitches to sprayers, we’ve got everything you need to get the job done.


Hitch it up and get to work.


The best way to turn your ATV/UTV into the best agricultural tool in your shed is by adding a hitch. Receiver hitches and trailer hitches give you the ability to pull behind a wide array of tools and implements that will make maintaining your land easy and less time-consuming. 2" Receiver hitches from $79.99. Trailer hitches from $38.99.


Stop chopping.  Start pulling.


Winches are not just good for pulling you out of the mud. They are also great for pulling logs out of the woods and stumps free from the ground. Don't forget your winch accessory kit which includes an 8,000 lbs. snatch block, 1/2" shackle, and 1"x8' strap all inside a canvas tool bag. Turn your ATV/UTV into a workhorse and give your back a break. Winches from $234.99. Winch Accessory Kit from $24.99.



Tame the jungle.


High grass and brush can really put a damper on getting your yard work done. A mower that can be pulled behind your ATV/UTV is the perfect solution. A rough cut mower can easily conquer the high grass and underbrush around the property while a finish mower is perfect for giving the grass around the house that professional look. Rough Cut Mowers from $1999.99. Finish Mowers from $1599.99.

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Dump your brush and debris with ease.

Trailers and Carts

If you’re tired of carrying all of that brush and debris you’ve cleaned off your land, you need a trailer or cart for the back of your ATV/UTV.  Load up the trailer and drive your clippings to your dumpsite. It will save you time and get you out on the trails faster. Plus, it’s a great way to move things around, like a cooler to your campsite. Dump Trailers from $370.99. Ultimate Dump Cart from $481.99.



Don’t let the weeds and bugs get you down!


The quickest way to handle pesky bugs and those ever‐growing weeds is with a sprayer. They fit on the back of your ATV or UTV, making it perfect for dealing with those nests, mounds and piles of weeds that are hard to get to. Spot Sprayers from $135.99. Boomless ATV Sprayer from $439.95.



Got tools?


Mesh racks, drop baskets and luggage for your ATV/UTV make it easy to carry all the tools you need for the job at hand. Load them up and stop running back and forth to the shed. Add a tow strap to the mix just in case something unexpected happens. Mesh Racks from $137.99. Drop Baskets from $224.95. Luggage & Organizers from $50.99. Tow Straps from $19.99.



Fire up the lights if it’s getting dark.

LED Lights

When you are determined to get the job done, turn on the LEDs. Your ATV/UTV will not only look cool with a set of LED light bars, but they will turn night into day. They can also take a beating and are hard‐to­‐break. LED Lights from $129.95.



Rolling right along.

Tires & Wheels

No matter how you use your ATV/UTV – work or play – always make sure your tires and wheels are in good shape before you head out.  There is nothing worse than a flat tire or a bent wheel when you are trying to get things done. Tires from $79.99. Wheels from $89.99.



Where can you get QuadBoss?

QuadBoss does not sell directly to the public. Instead, our products are available at over 10,000 dealers worldwide. Use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you or one of our online retailers. Even if a dealer doesn't have your chosen item in-stock, they can order it and get it to you in less than a week.