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Get Your ATV and UTV Ready For Mowing Season

Get Your ATV and UTV Ready For Mowing Season

Get Your ATV and UTV Ready For Mowing Season

It's that time of year again! Time to break out the lawn mowers and start cutting that green grass. Sometimes it seems like a chore to mow every week, but if you have an ATV or UTV, you can put it to use and cut down the time it takes…and have fun while doing it.

There are numerous mower options on the market for you to choose for your ATV or UTV. The main two, finish mowers and rough cut mowers, are probably the only two you need for your weekly romp around the yard. Both of these mowers can be pulled behind your ATV or UTV and are pretty easy to use. Let's take a look at them.

Finish Mowers

Finish mowers are the perfect option if you have fine cutting jobs to complete, like the lawn around your house. They are usually equipped with multiple blades, featuring more adjustment options and a lower blade speed. The grass is discharged from the side or the rear. Finish mowers are perfect for giving your lawn that professional cut look.

Rough Cut Mowers

Heavy undergrowth, brush and high grass are best mowed with a rough cut mower, which works with two large blades swinging around a single axis – much like a brush hog. If it doesn't cut it down, it beats it into submission! The rough cut mower is the smaller version of the mower you see used by road crews cutting the medians and ditches in the summer. While it might not give you the neatest cut, it will take care of everything that a regular mower isn't tough enough to handle.

Do They Work With Your ATV Or UTV?

Mowers that are designed to work with an ATV or UTV have a small engine mounted on the steel mower deck to power the blades. This means that you will need to start the mower using a recoil system or electric starter, depending on the size of the mower. Most ATV mowers are between 40 and 66 inches with the larger mowers typically having an electric start and a recoil backup.

What Should You Look For In An ATV or UTV Mower Before You Buy It?

To make sure you are going to get the most value for your money, there are five keys things you should look for when making a purchasing decision.

  • Does the mower have a solid deck with reinforcements in the most critical areas?
  • Are the wheels and all the supporting gears designed to handle years of hard mowing?
  • Are the large diameter spindles heavy-duty enough to handle tough brush and thick grass?
  • Is the hitch sturdy and able to handle cutting on slopes?
  • Is the mower engine from a reliable brand name engine manufacturer and does it have enough horsepower for what you need?

Safety, Safety, Safety

As with any mechanical implement you are using, safety is important. Always wear protective gear and eyewear while using your new ATV or UTV mower. Stay away from anything that shouldn't go under your mower, such as logs and rocks. Be aware of your surroundings and any people that are nearby so that they do not get hurt by flying debris. Keep your speed moderate so that the mower will work properly. Make sure you use the mower as directed and do not cut something it is not designed to handle. Finally, keep yourself and others away from moving blades to avoid injury.

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