Weekender Trunk

Weekender Trunk
Our biggest seat and storage system!
  • Side lids open from back to front
  • Universal trunk, one size fits most ATV's
  • Middle storage in rear will hold a gas container
  • Overall dimensions 42" x 17" x 28"
  • Container opening dimensions: 10-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 5-1/2"
  • Padded area is not for passenger use or for rider while ATV is moving
Width N/A
Height N/A
Mounting problem Review by John
Product Quality
I just purchased a Polaris Sportsman 450 and ordered the weekender Trunk through my local dealership. When I got it home to install it I got very frustrated. The kit comes with U-Bolts to mount it onto racks..... The Polaris Sportman doesn't have normal racks. It has these molded plastic with a couple bars fit on the outer sides with the “Lock and Ride” holes. So I either have to find another way to mount it, or purchase the Lock and ride anchors and mount them that way. Either way installing this on to a newer Sportsman be careful and make sure you get the right hardware to mount it to save you the trouble of ordering them or making another trip to your local shop.
The latches to hold down the lids are just bungee cord so no way to lock them. There is a strap that’s between the Two compartment that is supposed to hold a gas can. A cup holder or two would have been nice to have so you don’t have to stop every time you need water. I know ATV’s have different versions of racks, a proper mounting option would be great so I don’t have to make a separate purchase or at the very least a manufacturer authorized mounting solution so I don’t void any warranty or anything (Posted on 6/24/2019)

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Product Quality

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